The Bachelor degree of Hillcrest is a common higher education option that provides students with a variety of technical, and social opportunities.


For working professionals holding an associate’s degree or a minimum of 30 transferrable credits, Hillcrest’s online bachelor of business administration delivers the right combination of business fundamentals and strategic skills needed to advance in increasingly complex environments. This 100 percent online program is also ideal for those interested in changing careers and acquiring the expertise needed to become global business professionals.

In the competitive business world, employers are looking for highly skilled professionals who can step up and produce results – both independently and as part of a diverse team. This program will help you master the skills needed to do just that, as you focus on management, business communication and strategic decision making.

This course appeals to those already in middle management level roles but would like to progress to more senior roles. It can provide you with the skills to help you apply for roles such as:

● Business Analyst
● Investment Banker
● Management Consultant
● Financial Controller
● Accountant/Auditor
● Commercial manager
● Financial advisor
● Tax advisor


Upon completion of the Bachelor of Business Administration program, students will demonstrate the following competencies:

Effective Communication and Social Intelligence: Capabilities with respect to effective written and oral communications, and the interpersonal skills required to work effectively as a member of a team.
Business Strategy and Integration: An understanding of the interdependence of the various functional areas of business, and the ability to make a well-reasoned recommendation concerning a business situation.
Knowledge of Core Business Functions: An understanding of core business functions and an ability to apply functional knowledge to practical business problems.
Ethics, Diversity and Globalization: Ability to identify ethical issues related to business practices, to recognize the complexity and ambiguity of those issues, to apply of an ethical decision-making framework, and to formulate an ethically justifiable solution; an awareness and appreciation of the diversity in the workplace; and an awareness of issues surrounding the globalization of both domestic and international business activities as well as the ability to develop strategies to address those issues.

Why choose Hillcrest?

● Transform your career: Enroll today and make a life changing decision, get necessary knowledge to transform your career.
● Move up in your career: With our fully accredited course, you can move up to the next level in your organization with ease.
● Upgrade your skills: Add value to your current educational profile and achieve skill sets to compete in your job role.
● Assessments: Assessment is done through written assignments and/ or dissertation project.
● Support: We offer live tutor support via online chat and email for all qualifications delivered by us.

The online bachelor of business administration (BBA) is a 121-credit degree completion program and allows you to transfer in a maximum of 91 credits. The core curriculum helps students build strong business fundamentals in the areas of accounting, business analytics, finance, management, marketing and international business. The program is rounded out with a wide range of electives to allow students to further explore areas such as innovation, investing and negotiation thereby customizing their experience to meet their career goals.

The fee for the program is as follows:

12 Months -USD $8700
18 Months – USD $7700

Stage 1 (Delivered by Hillcrest):
The program involves delivery through on-line Learning Management System (LMS). This stage leads to award of OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Business Management. The total credits earned will be 120 credits.

Stage 2 (Delivered by the University)
On completion of the diploma programme you progress / Top up with Degree through the University which recognises the OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Business Management for progression to the BSc  Management Accounting degree.
The stage 2 is delivered via distance learning by faculties from the University.

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