Data room functions provide an easy and quick way to share confidential documents. They can include a range of tools and features to aid in collaboration, security, and management of the project. This includes e-signatures, file sharing, and document indexing.

A good online data room can provide plenty of storage space based on the type and volume of data uploaded. Text documents, for instance will require less space than high-resolution photographs and technical drawings. The most effective VDRs index your documents automatically, saving your time and assisting you to find the information you need quickly.

You should be able to make multiple folders, ideally separated by subject or stage in the due diligence process. This will help you keep everything logically organised and tidy, plus it can help complete the items on your checklist of due diligence faster. Some VDRs allow you to filter by the date that a document was added to the folder, reducing the amount of time spent scrolling through folders or searching for documents.

Many VDRs allow you to modify the collaborative workspace so that it matches your brand and is familiar to all parties involved. This can improve team productivity and ensure that everyone is having the same experience particularly in multilingual environments. You should also be able to assign tasks to the VDR and monitor the progress as it occurs. Some VDRs will allow you to view and edit files with the original file instead of a secure PDF. Additionally, you can include logos on these documents as proof of origin.

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