The gameplay is incredibly fun, and while the controls don’t exactly translate well to keyboard, I’d love to play this on Switch when it comes out. Another breath of fresh air that this game offers is its protagonist, Lucette. Unlike the standard, cookie-cutter, faceless women who lead most otome games, Lucette has a fierce and distinctive personality. Over the course of the story, she and the other characters must work together to overcome the Fairy Tale Curses that they were shackled with. Through this concept, the creators were able to insure their cast would be flawed but redeemable, changing greatly by the end of the game. One of the few free otome games available on Steam, Cinderella Phenomenon has a surprisingly cohesive storyline.

Advance Wars

In fact, it probably wouldn’t be if it wasn’t technically an advertisement for a fast food franchise. Though I know they were SaGa games, but FFL3 originally changed much of the elements that distinguished FF from SaGa , making it much more of a portable FF game. Metroid Zero Mission is such an incredible experience. Loved every second of it, and loved all replays I’ve done after it.

Before you go exploring the role-playing GBA games remember to check out our list ofrole-playing games for Android and thebest PC role-playing games. Castlevania used to be one of the hardest games to play back in the olden days. This led the game to popularity because every hardcore gamer wanted to enjoy a piece of this game and try to complete it in order to prove their worth. Of the three games, you can play the first two series on Game Boy Advance and the last one on Nintendo DS. Advance Wars revolves around the Orange Star Army which is facing grave attacks from armies of other countries. In the game, you fight your way through the streets of the metro city, defeat all the bosses, and rescue the damsel in distress, Jessica.

Join my party and follow me on an epic quest to find the best turn-based title on the Game Boy Advance. Whether you want to tackle something completely new or go back to the golden age of Final Fantasy, the GBA has you covered. It has an enormous library of RPGs and SRPGs following this classic formula, including ports from the NES, SNES, and Super Famicom. Even though Magical Vacation didn’t release in the West, its DS sequel, Magical Starsign, did.

This game includes Mario and his friends duking it out on the golf course. This is not an average boring golf game instead this one offers a lot of exciting features and game modes to make it more fun to play. The game was not as exciting as the console versions, but it was still pretty good sports and racing game for the GBA.

Emerald is the fusion of counterparts Ruby and Sapphire, the series’ third generation. It allows you to beat the game you know and love and then progress even further ahead, culminating in the introduction of the Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza. AWESOME article bro I read it some of the games you mention above are being played by me in my childhood.Thanks for suggesting more games like this.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 7: Kettou Toshi Densetsu (Japan) GBA ROM

Feel free to click on the links below to jump to your desired section. It is worth noting that The Gameboy Advanced and its cartridges are currently discontinued, and whatever is available are vintage items. As such, most games here can be experienced MoreThanOne thanks to emulation. Play as a cute princess and go through a complete makeover to fall in love with the person of your dreams. Play online dating games for free and create perfect couples. Protect your virtual partner from zombies and monsters.

An offshoot of the Megami Tensei Series, Demikids was released in 2003 when the series was still quite obscure. However, while there were many well-known and beloved classic RPGs released for the console, it was also home to several lesser-appreciated titles that don’t get the attention they deserve. So today, let’s examine the ten most underrated RPGs released for the Game Boy Advance. @TheWingedAvenger Many Nintendo franchises don’t currently have entries being made and it’s not because a stand-in exists.

Perfect game if you prefer a quick-paced puzzle action.

Super Robot Taisen J

Get ready to perform some of the most insane stunts and tricks in this amazing skating game on your handheld. Tony Hawk is back with his friends and there are plenty of new stunts and tricks that you can perform in this exciting skating game for your GBA. These are the original Generation 3 Pokemon games for the GBA. Each version has a different set of Final Pokemon and each version even has a different enemy team.

While it did have “Tetris” and the 2 “Mario Land” games, it also did not have “Mario Kart” nor any high quality RPGs save for “Pokémon.” It did have a “Kid Icarus” game, but that’s extremely niche. Meanwhile, a lot more of the third party games were more modified ports than truly original games compared to what the GBA received. Its “Donkey Kong” games were only modified ports, as well. @E_Gadds_Garage Yeah, very odd, but I think I heard a lot of people consider it to be the worst Mario Kart.

The most infamous of which is Mother 3, but there are others besides this lost EarthBound sequel that are still worth visiting. Some of these have been translated via fans while others remain harder to pursue. Mother 3 is easily the most underrated RPG to be released for the GBA.

This game received top reviews and a lot of praise for its amazing gameplay that is unique to the Fire Emblem franchise. The game is a tactical RPG that involves turn-based combat and grid-based movement during combat. These are the remakes of the original Pokemon Red/Blue from the first generation of Pokemon games and the storyline. If you are a fan of the first-generation Pokemon and the Kanto region then this is the game you are looking for because it has the best graphics and an amazing storyline for the Kanto region. You have your armor suit and loads of weapons to fight any type of evil that comes in your path.