Right now, they’re having a session, riding horses while racing and obviously Mew had it rough. He had never ride a horse before and it could kill him right now. Gulf could lead the race and would totally winning and then continues on laughing to his boyfriend, but instead, he goes in front of Mew’s path and surely, the horses could crash.

Gulf has become an actor with Channel 3, and announced a drama with high expectations. Wikicelebs.com is the best site to read about Celebrities, Actors, Actresses, Models, and Other Famous People from All over the World. We cover the latest news articles around the trending People on the internet. Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong is famous for being conscious of his clothing. Gulf is said to have a net worth of $500 k. He lives with his family in a nice locality of Bangkok.

Abducted (Kisshu X Reader) – Chapter 9: You Messed Up Big Time

Mew replied with a rude emoji and then posted a coded message on his IG story that said “Every time you have problems you use me. It’s not hard to figure out that he was shading Gulf for “using him” to distract from his scandal, especially after he recently called Gulf “bro” which he never has. Whether this is fanservice, or not, remains to be seen.

Love story🐰🐯

As filming wrapped & the pair started doing promotional interviews and fan meet & greets, it became clear this clingy, protective behavior from Mew Suppasit was not going to stop any time soon. The couple has earned a lot of love from his fans. People loved their on-screen chemistry and this is the reason why the makers of the show are making the second series of the show.

When it first aired, this was exactly what their promotional fan meets were like. It wasn’t long, however, before a genuine connection between the two individuals became evident to everyone. Well, these two adorable young men from Thailand have certainly blurred the lines between fiction and reality a lot lately.

With us, you don’t just get a matchmaker; you get a friend who always has your best interests in mind. Knowing that the mini-series was toned-down comparative to the authored books, the sensuality it interjects brought on naivete and eroticism that is both gentle and pure. I hope this couple will survive their own aura of success. While Mew Suppasit may have voluntarily stepped in to protect Kanawut at all costs, we all know it takes two to tango.

They seem to understand that the world just can’t get enough of them. Instant squabbling erupts as Suppasit tried to pin the whole incident on Kanawut, while Kanawut sat there acting like he had no idea what the issue was in the first place. The two respectfully and playfully banter back and forth like their co-star isn’t on the call, and tens of thousands of people aren’t watching. Additionally, in interviews, both men often talk about how much respect they have for the other. While this is a relatively new development in the MewGulf saga, among these moments of banter, Kanawut can now be found flirting with Suppasit on the regular. He tries to lead Suppasit into conversations that might reveal how the man might feel about him, and throws his own feelings around quite a lot too.

But, just before they went deeper into the halls of the castle, The knights shouted from the outside, telling that there’s a guest. Gulf immediately turns around and his eyes changed to his usual frown face. It is the ruler from the North, Kit, Gulf’s rival in their high school life. “At least, father had accepted you now.” Gulf smiled before walking to where the family are.

Mew and Gulf fanned relationship rumors when they started behaving like a couple during promotional fan meets. Behind the scenes footage of the couple duringTharnType’s filming also showed that they had a strong bond. They rarely left each other’s side, and even napped together during breaks in filming. Gulf had an issue where crazy fans were starting rumours that he hooked up with a dancer from his concert just because they had a sexy dance routine together. Mew posted a photo with a sun emoji on IG and Gulf replied with a sunflower comment. This is because they’ve turned sun and sunflower into a shipping brand.

This could be true however interesting to note that all the co-actors have stated they are like that with or without the cameras and behind the scenes. Nikki grew up way down in Australia but has lived in Los Angeles for the better part of ten years now. She got herself a degree in Journalism after high school and freelanced for various publications in Australia before moving to the United States. Now Nikki’s a teacher by day and continues to write about anything that takes her fancy. She’s currently stuck on ‘Shadowhunters’, anxiously awaiting the reboot of Buffy, and spending way too much time on Twitter. Don’t believe everything you read about them on Reddit, it’s mostly ex-shippers and their biased speculations and assumptions.

Dating Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat/Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong

There are many interviews available on Youtube that also demonstrate this behavior from the two. Yet they never take it too far, it always remains respectful, and it always has an air of playfulness about it. Fans have decided they enjoy this part of their relationship very much. Neither Suppasit or Kanawut ever act on these requests without first obtaining clear verbal permission from the other. There are a multitude of videos of them at fan meets where viewers can explicitly hear them requesting permission. For example, it is common for fans to ask Suppasit to pick Kanawut up.

Mew started totally ignoring Gulf on social media. Thank you to the author, the actors who played their characters beautifully, and the director who helped them come alive. This article very much fits the mystery surrounding the pair and I am all for it to the point of creating a twitter and instagram account so I can follow their progress.

Living in a orphan house he has a job to take care of the othe… Mew Suppasit, a true blood alpha, honed as the next Alpha of the Riverwolf Pack. CEO of multiple companies, stern, stoic and cold to t… Mew Suppasit a young business man,a perfect boyfriend/husband https://datingranking.org/bbpeoplemeet-review/ material was able to fulfill almost all the promises he made to his late girlfriend…..except one….to fi… Mew Suppasit was quite happy with his boyfriend when his parents decided to arrange his marriage to one of their business partner’s son, Gulf Kanawut.

As they colliding their bodies together, Gulf couldn’t balance himself from the brown horse and falls behind onto the sand while Mew’s body is on top of him. His memories of that moment was questionable at best, but one thing he wouldn’t forget was that Tharn couldn’t have looked older than Type’s father. What stuck in Type’s mind though was that Tharn looked tired. Like he’d traveled for miles on foot for reasons unknown. He looked like Type’s father when he was running errands for his mother at the resort, not huffing or puffing like he’d been running but the kind of tiredness that showed in his eyes. Most of the MewGulf images on Gulf’s Instagram page are fairly posed and planned out, however this picture is a lot more candid.